To Predict Your Outcome, Plan for it.

Christopher W. Krause

Estate Planning Attorney

I have been working as an Estate Planning Attorney since October 1993 when I started this firm!

Growing up near Cleveland, I am an avid support of all our local teams from the Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Cavilers and now the Browns.

I attended Baldwin Wallace University where I studied English and went to law school at The Ohio State University.

I love to spend time with my wife and son. People often describe me as a real family man with a sense of humor. I love supporting and caring for those who are close to me and helping them through life’s toughest obstacles. This is why I became an estate planning attorney.

At the Krause Law Firm, it is our mission to walk people through making some of the toughest decisions and situations with care, humility, and honesty. I do this by helping my clients create meaningful estate plans, long-lasting wills, and/or well thought out trusts.

Being based in Brunswick, Ohio, I have made it priority to take care of all of my clients by doing house calls at all of my clients’ convenience. I know how hard it can be to schedule an appointment to get into an attorneys office in the middle of a busy work week. I have no problem, in fact, I prefer to come to them!

I am a proud member of both NAELA and Elder Counsel where I work to refine my skills and knowledge to continue to give my clients the best service possible.

I love to meet and listen to new people. Don’t hesitate to book a call with me. I promise I don’t bite and would love to help point you in the right direction whatever that is for you.

Once you are ready, book a call and we can get started.